The Bill Farthing Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a deserving person that has provided Local, State, and National Service within the Wyoming Coaches Association.

**Local Service
Bill Farthing, a Lander native served Morton High School as an assistant coach in three sports from 1958 until 1960. Mr. Farthing moved to Powell in 1960 where he taught mathematics and was head track coach until 1976, assistant football coach 1960-1973; assistant basketball coach 1960-65, head football coach 1974 thru 1975.

**State Service
Bill, along with Keith Bloom, wrote the Wyoming Coaches Association constitution and started the WCA “Coach of the Year” with awards going to Football, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, and Track. He was instrumental in establishing the Sports Representatives that serve on the Wyoming Coaches Association Board of Directors so that the important lines of communication could be maintained. He served as the Executive Secretary of the Wyoming Coaches Association from 1964 to 1966. He also made arrangements with the Wyoming High School Activities Association so that members could receive passes to the State Basketball and Wrestling Tournaments. Bill was instrumental in recruiting the coaches of Wyoming to join the WCA and was able to increase the membership from 50 in 1964 to 200 by 1966. Bill was a part of the committee that established the Wyoming Coaches Association “Hall of Fame” in 1983 and 1984.

**National High School Athletic Coaches Association Service
Bill was appointed as a District 7 Executive Committee Member in 1967, and served on the National High School Athletic Coaches Association Executive Committee from 1967 to 1974.

Bill worked thru the vice-presidential offices and served as the President of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association in 1972-73. He was instrumental in guiding the Wyoming Coaches Association and the Wyoming High School Activities Association to host the National Conference and Clinic in Jackson, Wyoming in 1973. He led the way in establishing the Coach of the Year “mini-clinics” that the NHSACA continues to use today.

Bill left the education profession in 1976 to help his parents with their real estate business.

The annual award winner is determined, in large part, by a rubric that includes Local, State, and National Level Service.

Year Award Winner
2019q Dianne Moser
2018 Mike Harris
2017 Brent Williams
2016 Steve Mischke
2015 Kevin Williams
2014 Chuck Wells
2013 Bill Bolles
2012 Bob Bolles
2011 Wade Sanford
2010 Mark Campbell
2009 Ted Schroeder
2008 Bob Matson
2007 Grant Patik
2006 Gary Johnson
2005 Kathy Hamer-Smith
2004 Wendy Schuler
2003 Scott Stults
2002 Joel Eskelson
2001 Mike Moon
2000 Lynn Williams
1999 Bruce Hoffman
1998 Ed Reed
1997 LeRoy Hayes
1996 Rich Yeaman
1995 Mick Lehner
1994 Sandy Michelena
1993 Renee Schultz
1992 Harry Geldien
1991 Bud Nelson
1990 Bill Strannigan
1989 Keith Bloom
1988 Art Hill
1987 Bill Farthing


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