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All-State Awards
The all-state tennis team is based on the athletes’ finish at the state tennis match. The team will consist of the athletes who finish first, second, third, forth, fifth and sixth place in Singles Bracket #1, first, second and third place in Singles Bracket #2 first, second and third place in Double Bracket #1, and the first and second place finishers in Double Brackets #2 and #3.

NHSACA Award Winners

2021 NHSACA Award Winners and Celebrations On July 26th - July 29th the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) in conjunction with the Nebraska Coaches Association in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted their Annual Clinic and Awards Banquets. There were...

2020 Fall Coach of the Year Winners

The Wyoming Coaches’ Association would like to CONGRATULATE the following coaches on their selection as Coach of the Year by their fellow WCA coaches for their respective sports during the 2020 Fall Sports Season. Boys’ Cross-Country Girls’ Cross-Country 2A Tim Maze...

November Newsletter

Coaches, To all of the fall coaches, thank you for what you do. The fall season was a huge success in the eyes of a lot of people. Let's continue to be proactive when it comes to Covid-19 Safe Start protocols and continue to reinforce the behaviors that are slowing...

2020 All-State Tennis

The Wyoming Coaches’ Association would like to congratulate the following athletes on their selection to the 2020 WCA All-State Tennis team: #1 Singles Girls Boys Emily Needham Cheyenne Central Austin Putnam Kelly Walsh Finley Klinger Kelly Walsh Tanner Lemm Campbell...


Members of the WCA are eligible to nominate, vote and be Coach of the Year. The first time that a coach wins a Coach of the Year award, s/he is entitled to a ring and from then on will receive a plaque. S/he may receive a ring for each sport coached. If s/he coaches a...


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