Members of the WCA are eligible to nominate, vote and be Coach of the Year. The first time that a coach wins a Coach of the Year award, s/he is entitled to a ring and from then on will receive a plaque. S/he may receive a ring for each sport coached. If s/he coaches a boys’ team and a girls’ team, s/he may receive a ring for each sport. S/he will receive a plaque if a Coach of the Year ring has been given in one classification and then the coach has moved to a different classification. Coaches may upgrade their rings and/or plaques by paying the necessary charge. State championship and state runner-up winners are automatically nominated for this award providing they are active members. Coach of the Year winners are expected to attend the Hall of Fame Banquet to receive their award. For schools that enter into a combination school agreement, the host school’s head coach will be recognized as the head coach.

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