The bad news is all around us with school closures, sports cancellations, and various postponed versions of what USED to be our normal reality.

The good news is – we’re all in this together.¬† With that in mind, there are LOTS of good/great resources that are being made available¬†– here are a few:

An article posted by AD’s and the Jed Foundation:

If you were able to attend our WCA clinic last summer, you might recall Trevor Ragan’s presentation on “Training Ugly” and his research through the Learner Lab – this is excellent, Wyoming-grown (Trev is from Lander) info:

And two more excellent websites that address sports psychology and many different ways to promote winning mindsets and various sports mentalities.  I have had contact with these folks and we (WCA) have permission to use any/all of this information, so have at it Рand good luck!!

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