All-State Awards
All-state honors is given to the top two finishers in each event and class at the state meet except relay teams, where only first place gets an all state award.

2005 3A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Nellie Reid Buffalo 3A
Erica Nygren Erica Nygren Buffalo 3A
Sara Litzel Buffalo 3A
Lauren Esponda Nellie Reid Buffalo 3A
Summer Bell Buffalo 3A
Rene Woodmencey Jackson Hole 3A
Amanda Giles Jackson Hole 3A
Kyla King Jackson Hole 3A
Christine Williams Jackson Hole 3A
Christina Lindell Jackson Hole 3A
Nicole Gill Jackson Hole 3A
Amanda Aimone Kemmerer 3A
Mei Ratz Lander Valley 3A
Erin Stotts Lander Valley 3A
Natalie Garn Lyman 3A
Hanna Jennings Newcastle 3A
Hanna Roetzel Newcastle 3A
Alex Wardwell Powell 3A
Kaiya Rodriquez Powell 3A


2005 4A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Tiffany Izatt Campbell County 4A
Jess Andrews Campbell County 4A
Annie Shackelford Campbell County 4A
T.J. Padova Campbell County 4A
Kristina Kline Campbell County 4A
Madison Roberts Campbell County 4A
Katie Cook Cheyenne Central 4A
Morgan Craver Cheyenne Central 4A
Taylor O’Holleran Cheyenne Central 4A
Kaella Hartigan Cheyenne Central 4A
Chesea Delaplaine Cheyenne East 4A
Jenna Wisdorf Cheyenne East 4A
Mandy Schumacher Green River 4A
Lana Christensen Kelly Walsh 4A
Carrah Haley Kelly Walsh 4A
Kelsy Higginson Kelly Walsh 4A
Mariah Moore Laramie 4A
Asley Page Laramie 4A


2005-06 3A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Josh Schaberg Buffalo 3A
Ryan Wolf Buffalo 3A
Thomas Phelps Kemmerer 3A
Anthony Ritzdorf Kemmerer 3A
Riley Johnson Kemmerer 3A
Brian Johnson Kemmerer 3A
Aaron Steele Lander Valley 3A
Terry Rolfe Newcastle 3A
Ryan Hieb Newcastle 3A
Chris Laursen Powell 3A
Westin Grabow Rawlins 3A
Bryan Shears Rawlins 3A
Devin Shepard Rawlins 3A
Coulten Shepard Rawlins 3A


2005-06 4A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Devin Dumbrill Campbell County 4A
Jake Coolidge Campbell County 4A
Chris Robinson Cheyenne East 4A
Derek Jensen Evanston 4A
Jeff Yennie Green River 4A
Lucas Ames Green River 4A
Brian Jensen Green River 4A
Darren Cook Green River 4A
Jason Evans Green River 4A
Alex Lee Kelly Walsh 4A
David Schmitt Kelly Walsh 4A
Alex Millberger Kelly Walsh 4A
Nick Stone Kelly Walsh 4A
Joe Farley Laramie 4A
Isak Nti-Asare Laramie 4A
Ben Turner Laramie 4A
Jack Turner Laramie 4A
Landon Seebart Laramie 4A
Kolbin Bertilson Laramie 4A


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