All-State Awards
All-state honors is given to the top two finishers in each event and class at the state meet except relay teams, where only first place gets an all state award.

2008 3A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Summer Bell Buffalo 3A
Betsey Whisonant Cody 3A
Tristyn Panasuk Douglas 3A
Ariel Fay Greybull 3A
Rene Woodmencey Jackson Hole 3A
Amanda Fay Jackson Hole 3A
Allison Flickinger Jackson Hole 3A
Emily Smith Jackson Hole 3A
Jaclyn Knori Jackson Hole 3A
Maddy Wigg Jackson Hole 3A
Cummings Rork Jackson Hole 3A
Jessica Gill Jackson Hole 3A
Jesse Mayers Jackson Hole 3A
Claire Bates Jackson Hole 3A
Korrine Sorensen Lyman 3A
Jessica Anderson Rawlins 3A
Mairana Griffith Rawlins 3A
Michelle Fenn Sublette County 3A


2008 4A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Sasha Andrie Campbell County 4A
Meghan Swirzcki Campbell County 4A
Raleah Cisneros Campbell County 4A
Shaya Schaedler Campbell County 4A
Hannah Thorfinnson Campbell County 4A
TJ Padova Campbell County 4A
Jade Ely Campbell County 4A
Brenda Bishop Campbell County 4A
Hayley Wasserburger Campbell County 4A
Ashley Ochsner Campbell County 4A
Brenna Day Cheyenne Central 4A
Dayna Hazlewood Cheyenne Central 4A
Gabi Summers Cheyenne Central 4A
Alyssa Miller Cheyenne Central 4A
Taylor O’Holleran Cheyenne East 4A
Jenna Wisdorf Cheyenne East 4A
Morgan Hartigan Cheyenne East 4A
Mandy Schumacher Green River 4A
Kari Campbell Laramie 4A
Heidi Hanekamp Laramie 4A


2008-09 3A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Wilbur Holt Buffalo 3A
Caleb Cohoon Buffalo 3A
Justin Gillenwater Cody 3A
Brett Johnson Kemmerer 3A
Garrett Hamilton Lander Valley 3A
Alan Mandel Lander Valley 3A
Alex Fowler Lander Valley 3A
Craig Peil Lander Valley 3A
Jordan Toppenberg Lander Valley 3A
Micah Burke Lander Valley 3A
Nick Robinson Lander Valley 3A
Willie Ratz Lander Valley 3A
Alex Robinson Lander Valley 3A
Stephen Powers Lyman 3A
Jackson Miller Powell 3A
Jonathan Hamilton Sublette County 3A


2008-09 4A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Nick Dillinger Campbell County 4A
Nick Hopson Campbell County 4A
Rostyn Hamilton Campbell County 4A
Tyler Haddix Campbell County 4A
Andrew Huddleston Campbell County 4A
Justin Hastings Cheyenne East 4A
Clint Huff Evanston 4A
Brock Martin Evanston 4A
Ian Shriner Green River 4A
Alek Anderson Green River 4A
Brett Kahler Kelly Walsh 4A
Chris Chamberlin Kelly Walsh 4A
Malachi Bennett Kelly Walsh 4A
Mike Hudson Laramie 4A
Rudi Hanekamp Laramie 4A
Cody Wilkinson Rock Springs 4A


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