All-State Awards
All-state honors is given to the top two finishers in each event and class at the state meet except relay teams, where only first place gets an all state award.

2012 3A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Caley Stafford Buffalo 3A
Gracie Meacham Buffalo 3A
Hannah Chapin Buffalo 3A
Haley Crawford Cody 3A
Lateesha Hiser Douglas 3A
Jamie Pardee Jackson Hole 3A
Becca Hamilton Jackson Hole 3A
Kelly Krause Jackson Hole 3A
Hanna Todd Jackson Hole 3A
Elsa Smith Jackson Hole 3A
Kiana Phelps Jackson Hole 3A
Flynn Guerrieri Jackson Hole 3A
Connor Tarver Jackson Hole 3A
Sammy Crawford Lander Valley 3A
Morgan Gramlich Lander Valley 3A
Gwynaedd Howdyshell Lander Valley 3A
Katie Forton Lander Valley 3A
Jamie Johnson Lyman 3A
Katelyn Olson Rawlins 3A
Carolyn Kennedy Worland 3A


2012 4A Girls All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Kelsey Ochsner Campbell County 4A
Mariah Miller Cheyenne Central 4A
Kendra McIlvain Cheyenne Central 4A
Taylor Segrave Cheyenne Central 4A
Darby Murphy Cheyenne Central 4A
Mariah Miller Cheyenne Central 4A
Abby Urban Cheyenne East 4A
Hayley Martin Cheyenne East 4A
Abby Urban Cheyenne East 4A
Gracie Brown Cheyenne East 4A
Jonna Brown Cheyenne East 4A
Sarah Devine Cheyenne East 4A
Ashley Sitz Evanston 4A
Larisa Jones Kelly Walsh 4A
Iliana Jones Kelly Walsh 4A
Ana Everard Kelly Walsh 4A
Julie Schmitt Kelly Walsh 4A
Sarah Morgan Laramie 4A
Emily Williams Laramie 4A
Ryleigh Kobbe Laramie 4A
2012-13 3A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
Timothy Cohoon Buffalo 3A
Nate Holt Buffalo 3A
Neil Medders Buffalo 3A
Matt Scarlett Buffalo 3A
Matt Archibald Kemmerer 3A
Matt Robinson Lander Valley 3A
Tucker Russell Lander Valley 3A
Zach Tilton Lander Valley 3A
Darren Pursel Lander Valley 3A
Bobby Cecrle Lander Valley 3A
Terrell McNiven Lander Valley 3A
Drew Gramlich Lander Valley 3A
Jarred LaPierre Powell 3A
Zach Cain Rawlins 3A
Taner Trujillo Sublette County 3A
Connor Petty Worland 3A
Symen Ooms Worland 3A
Austin Rettinghouse Worland 3A


2012-13 4A Boys All State Swimmers
Name School Class
KoryKnottnerus Campbell County 4A
Collin Baldacci Campbell County 4A
Andrew Apodaca Campbell County 4A
David Bowersox Campbell County 4A
Brayden Ely Campbell County 4A
Noah Beaver Campbell County 4A
Kyle White Cheyenne Central 4A
Justin Kovich Cheyenne Central 4A
Justin Hood Cheyenne Central 4A
Ken Madsen Cheyenne Central 4A
Brandon Troudt Cheyenne Central 4A
Thomas Reams Cheyenne Central 4A
Levi Jensen Kelly Walsh 4A
Jake Rehmeier Laramie 4A
Clayton Larsen Laramie 4A
Kayden Harbison Rock Springs 4A
Connor Vasa Rock Springs 4A



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