2020 VIRTUAL Clinic




Theory Class will OPEN on July 16th  (More Info)


Care and Prevention will OPEN July 14th and 15th (More Info)


Registration is Open!!


  • The WCA is pleased to announce that we are planning for our summer coaches’ clinic, but in a virtual fashion.  This is still the best option for coaches’ certification (working with PTSB and UW) – BUT it will look a little different this year.
  • We WILL still offer the “Theory of Coaching” clinic sessions for all sports.  This will be done virtually with a wide variety of speakers, topics, and presentations.  
  • We WILL still offer a class for “Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries” to meet certification requirements.
  • Due to complications with ‘hands-on’ nature of First Aid/CPR testing, we will NOT be providing this class as a part of our virtual clinic.  We suggest you discuss this with your local school district and medical trainers.
  • Due to the fact that WHSAA offers the class “Fundamentals of Coaching” (go to their website – http://www.whsaa.org/WHSAAinformation/fundcoaching.asp), we will NOT be offering a separate class.  
  • We are pleased to be able to provide a high quality certification platform for our coaches, and we are confident that our virtual clinic will provide the sessions that are required for credit.  We are hoping to return to our normal clinic format for next year, but in the meantime, please bear with us as we “Cowboy Up” and move forward!!  
  • As we progress with the planning of our virtual clinic, we will keep you updated on our website (https://wcaonline.net).   


PTSB Credit and Requirements







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