We would like to thank the following individuals who have served the board for several years. Most of these individuals have served their full terms, some of them are moving into new positions. 
Chad Rose (Worland) – Golf
Max Mills (Shoshoni) – Girls’ Basketball
Ryan Mader (Buffalo) – Boys’ Track
Mike Lashley (Lingle) – Past President
Rex Hohnholt (Sartago) – Cross Country
Glen Freeburg (Guernsey) – Presidential Secretary
We would also like to welcome the new members to the board.
Sara Walker (Buffalo) – Boys’ Track
Barry Ward (Burns) – Girls’ Basketball
Sean Wilde (Cheyenne) – Cross Country
Matt Mason (Riverton) – Presidential Secretary 
Max Mills (Shoshoni) – Executive Secretary Mentee
Ryan Mader (Buffalo) – President Elect
Rick Stonehouse (Cody) – Past President
Dean Schaff (Lander) – President 

Save the Dates

Clinic Week 2021

July 18th – 1st Aid/C&P
July 19th – C&P
July 20th – C&P
July 21st – Fundamentals (Golf Tournament)
July 22nd – Theory Day 1
July 23rd – Theory Day 2 
July 24th – All-Star Saturday

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