2021 NHSACA Award Winners and Celebrations

On July 26th – July 29th the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) in conjunction with the Nebraska Coaches Association in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted their Annual Clinic and Awards Banquets. There were several significant celebrations for the State of Wyoming and the Wyoming Coaches Association. First we would like to congratulate Ted Schroeder (Pictured with Tom Osborne), Ted was the President of the NHSACA from 2020-2021. He help navigate NHSACA through COVID and help organize an awesome clinic, HOF Banquet, and COTY Banquet. Next, we would like to congratulate our National Hall of Fame (HOF) inductees, Mike Lashley and Keith Francik (pictured).  Wyoming also had two Coach of  the Year Winners (COTY), Mark  Miessler (Tennis) and  Scott  Smith (Boys’ Track and Field).  We also had a long list of COTY Finalists (Listed Below). The Wyoming Coaches Association would like to congratulate these individuals on their achievements.

  • Mark Campbell – Assistant Boys’
  • Melissa Hoopman – Assistant Girls’
  • Bret Engdahl – Girls’ Track and Field
  • Cody Hansen – Special Sports (Skiing)
  • Mark Miessler – Tennis
  • Scott Smith – Boys’ Track and Field (W)
  • Aleta Moss – Girls’ Basketball (W)
  • Allen Patz, Jr. – Golf
  • Shawna Morgan – Swimming and Diving
  • Nate Urbach – Wrestling



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