To all of the fall coaches, thank you for what you do. The fall season was a huge success in the eyes of a lot of people. Let’s continue to be proactive when it comes to Covid-19 Safe Start protocols and continue to reinforce the behaviors that are slowing the spread.  Most Covid-19 cases are the result of events that are taking place outside of schools – sports have been a safe place for most of our athletes. Please continue to remind students and parents we need their help outside of school to slow the spread.

Most of us coach because we have a strong belief that sports are important to becoming a successful adult. In the shadow of a pandemic, the importance of high school sports has once again proved to be important. Sports can be a great release for the athletes struggling with what is going on in the world. Please remember that the mental health of our students needs to be high on the priority list. As we move into the literal and figurative dark days for Wyoming, please have a list of tools to help kids that are struggling. With that being said, please take some time to take care of yourself as well.  The WCA is here to help if you need it.

The All-State teams for every fall sport have been announced on our website. Please take a minute to congratulate those athletes who achieved All-State this fall. Please feel free to forward those links to your local news and media personnel. The lists have also been sent out via Facebook and Twitter.

Also, please take a moment to go through the ballot and choose your candidates for Coach of the Year – we have LOTS of great people nominated this year, so be sure to show them your support!!

Lastly, please encourage your peers to be members of the WCA association. The awards for All-State and COTY are only possible because of our great membership. Our membership also helps us provide some great opportunities including scholarships, All-Stars, and Summer Clinic.

Enjoy the Holiday Season,

Coach Dean Schaff

President of the WCA/WCF

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