The Wyoming Coaches Foundation and Wyoming Coaches Association would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their donations to the online auction. The auction was a huge success and it was in large part because of the support we received from the following:


Jon Cook
Jed Easterbrook, Fieldturf
Coach Photography, Steve Simpson
Bugle Construction, Steve Mischke
Lost Trail Wood Co.
Jeff Barnett
Buffalo Bills
Mark Lenhardt
Tony & Taffy Micheli
Bighorn Drifters, Dean Schaff
John Nugent and Nick Mantle 
Darrel Johnson
Mark Campbell
Wagonhound Ranch
Joe Wilson
Rick Stonehouse
Travis Peak 
Silverado Franklin Hotel
Damon West 
Three Crowns Golf Course
Glenrock Golf Course
Tony and Kirk Lehner
Todd Weber 
Paul Collamer
Wind River Canyon Whitewater
Thermopolis Chamber of Commerce
One Eyed Buffalo, Thermopolis
Roundtop Motel
Tepee Pools 
Western Wildlife Images, Ron Hayes
Powderhorn Golf Course,Brad Bonner
Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club
X-Grain, Ned Schauff
Logan Wilson
Miracle Mile Fishing Trip, Nate Lee
Rocky Mountain Discount Sports
Tom Rowley


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